Discover the simple framework to find adventure and start leveling up your life today.

"Steve Kamb is not only a real-life James Bond, he’s also written a damn good book."

- Chris Guillebeau, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness of Pursuit and The $100 Startup

Level Up Your LIFE!

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About the Book

If you have always dreamed of adventure and growth but can’t seem to leave your hobbit-hole, Level Up Your Life is for you. The book teaches you exactly how to use your favorite video games, books, and movies as inspiration for adventure rather than an escape from the grind of everyday life.

  • Level Up Your Life teaches you how to be adventurous. We humans (and even the self-aware robots out there) love adventure. It’s why we get lost in epic games, books, and movies: because they let us live vicariously through our favorite characters. After years of getting lost in those books and video games when life sucked, Steve discovered through trial and error how to start to living vicariously through his own alter ego. If you’ve ever wanted to try a new hobby, travel, or kickstart a new part of your life, this is for you.
  • You learn how to become a superhero. We all have daily responsibilities. Whether it’s going to your day job or picking up your kids from school or taking care of a relative, we all have things we HAVE to do every day. You know who else had daily responsibilities? Our favorite heroes! Superman was a mild-mannered reporter. Indiana Jones was an Archaeology professor. Buffy the vampire slayer was a Sunnydale High School cheerleader! Level Up Your Life shows you how you can do awesome things and still live like a normal human being.
  • No matter your age, income, gender, or life stage, there is something in this for you. Throughout the book, you’ll hear directly from members of the Nerd Fitness community who who have learned to apply this advice to live healthier, happier, more adventurous lives. These are men and women, young and old, retired or gainfully employed or unemployed, divorced or single or married with children, who have found ways to level up their lives. From a single dad and construction manager who’s gamified his martial arts training to include his son, to a married mother of three who became a bodybuilding competitor – there’s something for everybody.
  • The book teaches you how to stop procrastinating. We all say things like “I’d love to travel” or “Some day I’m going to learn a language” or “I wanna run a 5k” and we never do those things. This book systematically destroys every excuse, roadblock, and obstacle you have so you can finally start getting the things done you’ve said you’ve always wanted to do. This is all done by drawing inspiration and motivation from our favorite stories, characters, and heroes.
  • The book gives you a framework to ACTUALLY make changes. When I set out to write this book, I wanted to prove that the concepts in it will work for anything, not just getting more fit. So, I actually learned to play the fiddle using the step-by-step strategies in the book, while writing it! I also volunteered weekly at a children’s hospital, traveled to 10+ states and multiple countries, and packed on roughly 20 pounds of muscle since I began writing it! I’m not saying these things to impress you, but rather to show you what’s possible when you put the right systems in place in your life.

The complete blueprint of Level Up Your Life includes:

  • Create your own “Alter Ego” with real-life super powers
  • Build your own Epic Quest List, broken into categories and difficulty levels
  • Hack your productivity habits to start making progress
  • Train your body for any adventure
  • Build in rewards and accountability that will actually motivate you to succeed
  • Travel the world freely (and cheaply)
  • Recruit the right allies to your side and find powerful mentors for guidance

Adventure is out there, and the world needs more heroes.

Will you heed the call?

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The real deal, right from the book!


Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco. 2 a.m.: “Hit me.”

I sat at a blackjack table in the most famous casino in the world, and my heart started pounding. After splitting my hand three times and doubling down twice, I struggled to stay cool and calm under pressure; after all, although it wasn’t a tremendous amount of money, I had nearly as much riding on that one hand of blackjack as I had spent in the entire previous week.

I ordered another cocktail (shaken, not stirred), adjusted the bow tie on my tuxedo, and cracked a corny joke to my new friends from Ireland sitting next to me. The rest of the table played their hands, then the dealer slowly turned over his cards, hit, and busted. The table exploded with applause, and I calmly collected my chips while internally dancing a jig and freaking out.

Your Journey Begins Here

A complete leveling-up blueprint

  1. Leaving the Shire
  2. The Cautionary Tale of the Underpants Gnomes
  3. Ready Player One
  4. Rescue Your Alter Ego from Doubts and Disbeliefs
  5. Resist Temptations and Convenient Excuses
  6. Beware of Dark Forces, Hidden Foes, and Haters
  7. Embrace Gamification To Unlock Happiness
  8. World Building 101: Create the Rules for Your Game of Life
  9. Character Select: Determine Your “Level 50” Achievement Status
  10. Quest Select: Choose Your Own Adventure
  11. Steve’s Epic Quest: Learn from My Example
  12. Define Your Level Structure
  1. Conquer Boss Battles and Find Treasure Chests
  2. Persevere in the Face of Obstacles and Ordeals
  3. Become an Unstoppable Force of Awesome
  4. Choose Multiplayer Mode and Build a Legendary Team
  5. Prepare Your Mind to Handle Fear Like Bruce Wayne
  6. Train Your Body for Anything Like Jason Bourne
  7. Nurture Your Adventurous Spirit Like Indiana Jones
  8. Make Sacrifices That Empower Your Cause Like Katniss Everdeen
  9. Celebrate the Rewards of Your Journey as They’re Achieved
  10. Share What you’ve Discovered and Learned
  11. Continue Playing for the Love of the Game

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The Author

Steve Kamb is the founder of, a worldwide fitness community dedicated to helping nerds, desk jockeys, and self-aware robots level up their lives.

He’s also the author of the upcoming book, Level Up Your Life, that gives people a blueprint for prioritizing adventure, growth, and happiness by turning life into a giant video game.

While running his company from a coconut laptop, Steve has adventured all over the world, explored the ruins of Machu Picchu, dived with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, and lived like James Bond in Monte Carlo. He has guest lectured at Google, Google Dublin, Facebook, TEDxEmory, and regularly speaks at Vanderbilt University.